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Building and Sustaining A Collaborative Medical Practice

Polarity HRWorking collaboratively with your patients and team is essential to grow and enhance your Medical Practice, its performance, and your patient care. The benefits of working collaboratively can help to avoid inappropriate behaviors and reduce unnecessary conflict. It also prepares your practice to better handle any difficult challenges you may be experiencing from Insurance Companies, Hospitals, or Attorneys. Building and sustaining a collaborative Medical Practice is easy if you build with the right blocks.

What You Have To Do:

A good starting point is to consider the standards identified by the Joint Commission which require health care facilities to have:


  • a code of conduct that defines acceptable behaviors
  • a process in place for managing disruptive and inappropriate behaviors
  • foundational principles of conflict management

Adherence to these standards goes a long way to protect your patient’s safety and quality of care. Under these standards your team should be competent to deal with a range of potential conflicts. The ability to manage conflict and conflict resolution must be core competencies within your Practice.

How Do You Measure Up?

  • Has your Medical Practice clearly designed approaches to resolving conflicts?
  • Are your Practice’s policies and procedures consistent with Joint Commission standards?
  • Is your Practice- its leaders and team – conflict competent?
  • Are you confident that patient safety and quality of care are not threatened by unprofessional or disruptive behaviors?

If your answer is NO to any of the above, your Medical Practice is at the risk of NOT providing excellence in quality patient care. Healthcare organizations that do not deal competently with conflict increase the risk of litigation from both patients and team members. This is a waste of your valuable resources.

If Your Medical Practice Needs Support in Building a Conflict Competent Culture:

Please contact Polarity Human Relationships, Carole Jean Rogers, or a member of our team who will be happy to discuss your needs and suggest a range of solutions to sustain good human relationships which include:


  • Organizational Assessment and Conflict Mapping to Identify Your Real Risks with Conflict.
  • Development of Appropriate Measures, Policies and Procedures to Deal Appropriately with the range of conflicts that can arise.
  • Training and Development in a Range of Skills and Behaviors that Build Collaborative Relationships.
  • Mediation and Arbitration Services to Address Unresolved Conflicts Before They Become Damaging And Expensive Distractions To Your Practice.

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