Our Services


Our Services

Our team has extensive experience and an excellent reputation in working with a range of organizations to help them deal effectively with conflict. Our services include:

» e-Learning: Self-paced course with instructor that ensures you gain knowledge and skills in how to engage others constructively and with  confidence, while managing conflict.

» Organizational Assessment and Conflict Mapping to identify your real risks.

» Development of Appropriate Measures, Policies, and Procedures to help your organization deal competently    with conflict when it arises.

» Training and Development for a range of skills and behaviors that build collaborative relations.
We have access to a range of world class and leading edge interventions and can provide programs designed for Fortune       100 companies at an affordable cost for organizations of any size- you deserve the best!

» Mediation and Arbitration Services provided by our skilled panel of experts will assist your organization in addressing unresolved conflicts.

Our approach is firmly rooted in the belief that the solutions for the challenges in your organization will be found through the support, development and growth of your people. Polarity Human Relationships achieves this through a process of action learning and working closely with our clients to identify and develop the appropriate skills and processes for their people.

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